Small Garden Ideas – Creating a herb garden wall

Finally we have some sunshine! This week sees  a marked change in the weather, so what better time than to start thinking about building your summer garden.


A herb garden is both beautiful and useful, with the benefit of being generally low maintenance.  Why not create a garden wall using a mixture of pots.  I’ve started mine with inspiration from the Chelsea Gardener.  This works well in even the smallest garden or balcony.   Don’t forget to water regularly and add a little liquid fertiliser to get your plants going.   Just hang and enjoy.  For added night time ambiance try embellishing with either electric or solar string lighting.


What to plant during May.

Herbs for full sun:

Rosemary, sage, basil, fennel, dill, oregano, lavender and tarragon

Part shade:

Parsley, mint, garlic, chives and camomile.



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