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Why you need to dress your property for sale

We recently designed the show house for a luxury development located along the riverside in Fulham. The location was great, but because the houses were tall and narrow staging the rooms to showcase their function was essential.

But dressing a property is more than just about the interior. It all starts from the moment a potential buyer sees the exterior of a property, before they even walk through the door.

For these homes not only did we dress the interior, but the developers also refurbished the signage and literally created ‘kerb appeal’ by replacing cracked pavement tiles and refurbishing the fences to side of the property.

Rule no 1: Kerb Appeal:

Get fences fixed, lawns cut and any scraggy looking plants replaced or removed.

Rule no 2: Making an entrance with gorgeous scent.

For all my property staging projects I will make sure the hallway is looking as bright and fresh as possible. Remove all clutter and create a serene entrance. I always add scented diffuser sticks. Zara Home does a fantastic range, as does Jo Malone. Stay away from plug in air fresheners though, they tend to give off a scent which is too sweet and flowery. The aim here is to make a property look and smell luxurious. For furniture, a console table always works wonders in narrow London properties. Try to add a large mirror to extend the feeling a light and space.

The main kitchen/living room of this property was totally open plan. So we needed to define the space and make it look functional. We wanted show that there was enough room to entertain and seat at least six guests in the dining area.

Rule no 3: Define the space.

With the main living space being one room it was important to show potential buyers how the room would function when furnished. This layout allows a buyer to see that there is adequate entertaining space for cooking, eating and relaxation. You want to convey the idea of function and that there is adequate storage space for real living.

Rule no 4 – Let there be light!

Get those curtains opened and blinds up! Everyone loves light in their home. So if you have blinds make sure they are fully up and curtains opened wide when a potential buyer looks around. You may have wanted to screen a room with layers of fabric at the window, but from a buyers perspective the best impression is to allow in as much light as possible. As these properties were over-looked, the back windows had a light frosting added to the glass to allow in as much light as possible and shield the view of the deep and overlooked light well.

Rule No 5. Dress all rooms, even spare bedrooms and basements!

Dress all spare bedrooms as bedrooms! Buyers still look at the amount of bedrooms a property has to offer. If the room is small then dress with the appropriate size bed, single or small double to define the space, and of course, you cannot go wrong with fresh white cotton sheets.

The master suite is one of your most important selling features. A grand bed and adequate storage will make a great impression.

We styled this odd shaped basement as a family TV room, utilising every inch of space for utility and entertaining.

These houses sold within weeks of hitting the market.

We not only dress houses and flats, but also help our clients understand what to do with their show house furniture once a property is sold. Quite often the new buyer will purchase the property with a certain amount of the furniture. But if not, then selling at auction is a good idea or even Ebay.

If you have a property you need to dress for sale contact us at to see how we can help you make the best of your interior.