Three Steps To Transform Your Home With An Interior Stylist In London

Your interiors are a reflection of something imperceptible: your personality. It lives and breathes in your spaces and the decisions you make within your spaces.

Your imagination can be nurtured and transformed into a beautiful living space alongside an interior stylist for your London property.

Liveable, interesting and unique, your interiors deserve the time, effort and innovation available when you put your faith in Claire Bloom Interiors.

As an interior stylist in London with many years of experience in the industry, you can watch as your spaces are revolutionised in a number of ways.

Considerations of your family, your life and your personality can be brought to life through the intricate, detailed work of Claire Bloom.

Three steps to your reformed and refreshed interiors:

  1. Consultation: Your personal interior stylist in London will get to know you and your ideas. What areas of your property are you looking to improve? Is there a style you wish to implement? It’s the time to discuss and create a plan of action for your interiors.
  2. Design: Utilising Claire Bloom’s space planning and working drawings which are complemented by intuitive CGI drawings, you will see your imagination become a fully-fledged design.
  3. Installation: The procurement of furniture, the hiring of project managers and architects will help to transform those formative early ideas into a reality within your property.

To understand more about Claire Bloom and her standing as a reputable interior stylist in London, speak with her today.