Trends in Flower arranging – Relaxed Wildflower bouquets

The trend at the moment is for very informal natural looking floral arrangements with a ‘hand picked’ feel, think traditional English countyside blooms, such as ferns and cow slips taken from a summer meadow and arranged casually in a vase.

Now although there is nothing like the real thing,  the quality of silk flowers has improved immensely, with companies  like Bloom (no relation!  – selling excellent quality faux flower and orchid displays in an array of modern and classic designs.  These are perfect for show houses and reception areas where you require constant floral display. I find a good quality faux flower arrangement can last at least five years, which means a lot of use and enjoyment! Expect to pay £100.00 plus for life-like quality, depending on the size of the arrangement.

The other option is to buy individual stems, either real or faux and create your own design, as often just a couple of high quality flowers will be enough make a statement.  I like to use one colour for impact, such as a trio of white or green hydrangea in a large jar style vase, or just one branch of cherry blossom in a colourful or textured vase.

The arrangement above is of cut flowers on display at Petersham Nurseries.  This type of small colourful vase is   very on trend, try something bold with a vintage retro feel to perfect the look.  Stay away from cut crystal or anything too traditional as this can make the display look dated, instead look for unusual designs or something very simple like a large clear glass  jar style.  Make sure the scale of arrangement is in alignment with the area it is being installed, go for something slightly larger than you would expect, as small vases tend to get lost unless they are part of a collection such as the ones above.

Greenview_Interior_018 Faux orchids – great for show homes

jar  Vintage jars from Petersham Nurseries